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Kids Rule!
OC Kids Ministry

The Orange County Church of Christ is full of love and devotion for one another. We especially adore the youth. The children’s ministry is always striving to find new, fun and innovative ways to reach our youth. We value our children and invest in their spiritual education because they are our future. We are very thankful for all of the volunteer coordinators, teachers, and new curriculum.

Each rotation we have a new set of coordinators who serve many hours to help make the teachers and children experience excellent. We are lucky to have such dedicated volunteers who have a passion for the youth. The teachers in each Sunday school grade are devoted to helping every individual child in their class learn and grow spiritually. The teachers are very involved in making the Sunday school experience for the children interesting, educational, and a lot of fun! We have also are appreciative of what our preschool had done to the classrooms to make them special.  

We have recently switched to a new curriculum. We are currently using a curriculum from a company called “Group” and the curriculum is named, “Buzz.” We absolutely love it! It is teacher-friendly and exciting for the children. Preschool through fifth grade are enjoying this new curriculum. Each grade has special activities, games and crafts that are age appropriate for their grade level. Each class also has a CD with their memory verses on them. The children have a great time singing along while they learn their Bible verses.It has been fun to see each class have different special parties to celebrate good behavior, memory of scripture, and working as a team. This has really added to the unity of the children’s ministry.

One awesome highlight of this new curriculum is the take-home family devotionals. Each child receives a small packet containing thirteen cards. Each card provides a short, interactive family devotional that coincides with the Bible lesson from the previous Sunday school lesson. At the OC Church of Christ we highly value our regular family times where we are learning about the Bible together. We want our children to know how amazing God is and how powerful He is when we seek him. These weekly family devotionals that supplement the Sunday curriculum allow families to have this connection to each other and be involved in what their children are learning. We love the children’s ministry!

KM 6.20.2012

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Special Missions Contribution

Almost There

On June 10th we took up our Special Missions Contribution for the churches in Mexico and Central America and the church planting in Tucson, Arizona. We needed to collect $329,500.00 in order to meet all of the needs; $275,000 for the churches in Mexico and Central America, $18,000 for the Tucson, Arizona church planting and $36,500 for our weekly contribution. As of Sunday June 17th we have collected $292,500. I would like to thank everyone who sacrificed so much for our brothers and sisters in Latin America and for those that will become disciples through your generous sacrifice. We are close to meeting our goal and the needs. The Elders and I have set aside Sunday, July 15th as a day when we will give anything above our weekly contribution towards completing our Special Missions Contribution. I feel it is important for us to meet these needs. The difference between our current contribution of $292,500 and our $329,500 goal would be the salary of one ministry couple for a year. This is critical when in some cities they have one ministry couple for 400 disciples. Thanks again for all of the faith and love that so many of you have shown not just this year, but year after year, as we hold out the word of life to people all over the world.


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Separating Fact from Fiction

A Responsible Approach to the Book of Revelation

Revelation is the last book of the New Testament and for centuries it has been perhaps the most controversial book in the Bible. The book has been interpreted and reinterpreted from numerous perspectives. The most widely held idea, popularized by the “Left Behind” novels and movies, is that the Book of Revelation is about the events that will happen at the end of the world when Jesus returns. This is called Futurism. Most people are unaware that this was not the traditional interpretation of the Catholic or the Protestant Church. Would you like to know how this idea, and others, came into being?

As disciples of Christ, we should always strive to approach Bible study in a responsible manner. On Sunday June 24, Dr. Jaime De Anda will begin a series of studies on the Book of Revelation. The series will begin with a survey of the various systems of interpretation and their respective origins. We will then study the historical background of the book and the symbology used by its author. As we go through each chapter we will be careful to ask: What did this mean to the original audience, the Christians in the Roman province of Asia during the late First Century? In this manner we will avoid many of the anachronisms that plague the Futurist and other interpretations. Hopefully, from our study we will be able to extract principles that we can apply to our Christian life in contemporary society.

The study series begins on June 24, 2012 at the Orange County Church of Christ (10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA 92618) Classes will go from 7:00- 8:00 PM and continue to meet for 8 weeks (with the exception of July 8). Admission is free. Come and join us!

Missions Contribution 6/10/12!

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Missions Contribution 6/10/12

Our special mission contribution for Mexico and Central America is coming up in 3 weeks on June 10th. I deeply appreciate the sacrifice of so many disciples over the years supporting world missions. Hundreds of churches have been planted and tens of thousands of souls have been saved. However, our job is just beginning. There are still millions of souls yet to be saved and many more churches yet to be planted. Mexico has a population of 112,000,000 and Central America has a population of 42,000,000. Since our first church planting in 1987 in Mexico City with 13 disciples, the work in Latin America has grown to 37 churches with 8157 disciples.

We are asking every disciple to give 10 times their normal weekly contribution on our Missions Sunday. We will take our weekly contribution out of that amount and the rest will go directly to the Mexican and Central American churches.

Recently the campus ministries are seeing a revival in Latin America. In Central America the campus ministries collectively are called “Student Action.” Recently campus ministries have started in Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Managua, Nicaragua; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; San Salvador, El Salvador and Xela, Guatemala . The largest university in Mexico is in Mexico City, it is called UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). It has 260,000 students registered. Plans are in the works to start a campus ministry there this year. Much of this work depends on the success of our missions contribution.

In the last two months the church in Costa Rica hosted a Women’s Day and the 67 women disciples in that church brought 100 eager visitors to learn about God. Also the San Salvador Church hosted a Men’s Day called “Courageous.” The 54 men in the church brought 104 visitors! Wilfredo Coello from the Tegucigalpa, Honduras church was the guest speaker. Additionally, many church planting are scheduled for this new year throughout Latin America.

Church News May 2012

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Church News May 2012

God is continuing to work in the church in many wonderful ways. We have now seen more than 40 people baptized and restored to the Lord since the beginning of the year. This past week Mike Hill was baptized into Christ. Mike was met by the Sweeney family a year ago when they shared their faith with him near a retail store that he owns. Many have been involved in helping Mike come to a strong faith, especially those in the Newport Beach Family Group. Also in the Korean ministry Sung Min Cho was baptized into Christ on Sunday. Sung Min is a professional golfer and has been studying the bible for many weeks. Please keep praying for all of the people God is bringing to us.

We are now half way through our “Rise Up and Build” leadership training series. We have been averaging 120 disciples that have been participating in the sessions to learn how to become Family Group Leaders and Shepherds. The next session will take place on May 20th at 1:30p.m. at the church building. The class will be  “A Fruitful Family Group”. Come and join us.

Our Special Missions Contribution is coming up on June 10th. This contribution will go to support the 37 churches that have been planted since 1987 in Mexico and Central America. These funds will also help to continue to plant more churches in Latin America. We are asking that each member gives ten times their normal weekly contribution. Nine times will go to missions and one times will be used for our normal weekly contribution. This will insure that $275,000 will be given to the churches in Mexico and Central America.

We have a new curriculum we are trying out in our Kid’s Kingdom classes. We are excited that part of the curriculum are take home family devotionals. These are for school age children. Please use the devotionals with your family and let us know what you think about them. I would also like to thank all of the teachers and Kid’s Kingdom coordinators that have worked so hard to help our children learn about and fall in love with our great God.

The World Discipleship Summit called, “The Mountain of the Lord” will be held on July 5-8 in San Antonio Texas. Over 17,000 people have registered for the conference so far. There will be many different tracks depending on your responsibility in the church and your stage in life. Please make plans to attend this historic event as disciples from all over the world will come to learn and fellowship with one another.

Finally, make sure you check out our Scripture Memory Page.  Each day you will get a new passage of Scripture to memorize.  What a great way to draw closer to the Lord!

Thanks for all you do,


Church News

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Church News April 2012

What a fantastic Easter! Two wonderful services with tremendous worship music, awesome preaching by Dave Eskew and Dan Roditi and heart moving testimonies. But the most powerful aspect of the day was the focus on our resurrected Lord. The impact was obvious as people were in tears witnessing the power of Jesus’ empty tomb as different people shared how God’s power had transformed their lives.

Many people have been baptized already in the month of April. Two physical brothers who first contacted the church through the internet were baptized this past Tuesday. They were raised in the Muslim faith in Iran but with very eager hearts they have learned the truth about the gospel and have made Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives. Please be praying for them as they begin their new lives.

On April 1st 140 disciples filled the fellowship hall to begin their training as Family Group Leaders and Shepherds. What an exciting and electric atmosphere as many answered questions, took notes and caught a vision of the impact they could have for Christ in the future. “Spirit Led Family Group” was the topic of the day. Homework was assigned and the students are looking forward to 5 more sessions. The next session will be this Sunday at 1:30 2:45 P.M.

Starting this Sunday we will begin a four week Evangelistic Sunday Sermon Series called Identity Theft. We have 12,000 invitation cards available at the back of the sanctuary.

The titles of the four Sundays are

  • April 15    Created Identity
  • April 22    Identity Thief
  • April 29    Identify Protection
  • May 6      Restored Identity

Please keep praying for this wonderful church that God has blessed us with in Orange County.