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Orange County Parenting Workshop

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Raising Hope

The Orange County Church of Christ is hosting our 2nd Annual Family Day and Carnival on September, 30, 2012 at 10 AM at our building on 10 Goodyear, Irvine. The theme this year is “Raising Hope”. Raising children in our world today can be a scary undertaking given the moral decay of our society. Just listening to the news each day can produce feelings of concern and fear as we think about what the future holds for our children. How can we have hope for a brighter future and hope that our families can shine like stars in this world? During the worship service, Mike and Libby Rock, our guest speakers, will answer this question by sharing God’s Word and their lives. Their story and message is not only for those who are married but also for teens, campus students and singles because every generation needs hope that they too can build an incredible family for future generations. Register for the carnival by clicking here: Orange County Family Carnival.

Mike & Libby Rock have been married 31 years and have raised two awesome boys – Jake, 25 who is married to Kelsey, and Scott, 21. The Rocks have undergone many spiritual tests that they have allowed to refine their characters, unite them as a family and bring them all closer to God. Mike and Libby have spent many years of their lives serving families in churches all over the world, so they are very aware and in tune to the needs and challenges of family life. They have served in the ministry all around the U.S. – including California, Colorado, Arizona and Florida and have been courageously involved with churches in the Middle East, and have helped to plant

Orange County Teen Ministry Camp

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2012 Teen Camp: “All In”

My wife Virginia and I have the pleasure of serving in this amazing youth ministry, and we’re excited to bring you news from our annual LAICC Summer Teen Camp! During the week of August 6-10, over 350 students from all over Los Angeles gathered together at Pine Summit Christian camp for our summer camp entitled “ALL IN.” We had a great turnout from our teenagers in Orange County, with almost 50 of our students attending camp!

2012 LA Teen CampIt is clear that through the powerful message of the cross, God has gone ALL IN for us. In planning the camp, our hope and prayer was that the young members of our church would be moved by Jesus’ sacrifice and in turn, be inspired to go ALL IN themselves for God. Each night the camp would come together for a time of worship and for a message that expanded on the ALL IN theme of the camp. After these lessons, each cabin would get together for a time to discuss the keynote lessons, which would allow them to apply these lessons to their own personal lives. Each day also consisted of amazing workshops with topics ranging from “Family Drama” to Apologetics. These times, combined with intense team competitions and challenges, created a fun, exciting, and unforgettable environment for the teens. Not only did the teens have an amazing time at camp, but it was clear God was moving in order to call each of them higher in their spiritual lives!

2012 LA Teen Camp GirlsAs with any conference or summer program, the impact of our Teen Camp not only lies in the week of camp itself, but also on the follow-up that consists once the campers return home. For some, camp challenged the students to take ownership of their ministry and to lead their families and their peers. For others, Teen Camp inspired them to be more vulnerable and sacrificial in their friendships within the ministry. Additionally, many of the teens that attended camp have returned home with an intention to study the Bible to gain a better understanding of what God wants for their lives! We ask that you pray for God to continue to move in our the hearts of our teenagers, and God willing, we will have many of our students become committed disciples of Christ in the weeks and months following this amazing camp!

Church in Orange County

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The Mountain of the Lord

“There before me was a great multitude…from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” Revelation 7:9

When we first drove into San Antonio, we were looking for the mountain of the Lord, and the whole landscape was flat! We found the Alamo, we found the beautiful Riverwalk and as we entered the AT&T Center, where the San Antonio Spurs play, we found what John was writing about in Revelation, the Mountain of the Lord – 18,000 disciples from 90 nations were worshipping God with all their hearts! It was overwhelming to watch all of the disciples from outside of the U.S. enter on Thursday night wearing native costumes and dancing with joy to their native music. We were seeing the answer to many of our prayers and gifts joyfully given to see the gospel spread around the world!

Personally, I was inspired to have more faith and to devote myself even more to training other disciples who will in turn train other disciples. It touched my heart to have our kids there and to see them be moved, excited and having fun with their friends. They are the legacy of my faith and with God’s help they will continue to advance His Kingdom on earth! My son even got a vision of going to China and being jailed for his faith! He may not be aware of all that his dream means, but one thing is clear – God is giving all of us a new vision and fresh faith.

Here are some highlights of the conference from the North Men’s Midweek, as some of the men shared what they were taking away from the weekend personally:

Rusty Alexander. Rusty was inspired and filled with vision. He decided to become a Proverbs 31 husband to help his wife be the Proverbs 31 Woman. Check out this website for and awesome marriage resources from John Louie.

Ryan Weekley. He was impacted by the zeal and wants to make Christianity radical for the teens in the teen ministry!

Kevin Mabry. Kevin came away seeing the need to spend quality time with his kids and that that kind of time is a spiritual necessity for them.

orange county church outreach

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Sharing our Faith Together
Jesus commands us to go and make disciples in Matt 28:18-20. Often we need help to have the courage to share the good news of Christ with this world that so desperately needs Him. To this end we are planning four different times during the week of July 21-28 for the disciples in our church to come together and share our faith with the people of Orange County.

We are having a regional “Summer Fest” Service at 10:00a.m. on Sunday, July 29th that will include a picnic and sports day at Mason Park site #6 immediately afterwards . Invitations to the “Summer Fest” service and picnic will be available this Sunday July 15th at church.

Several of the ministry staff will be organizing the different evangelistic sessions . Below is the schedule of when we will be going and who will be organizing. Please email the staff member of the appropriate session that you can attend to get more detailed information.

Times and Places for Outreach

Saturday, July 21, 11:00am-2:00pm 

Sunday, July 22, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Friday, July 27, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday, July 28, 11:00am-2:00pm

orange county kids ministry

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Kids Rule!
OC Kids Ministry

The Orange County Church of Christ is full of love and devotion for one another. We especially adore the youth. The children’s ministry is always striving to find new, fun and innovative ways to reach our youth. We value our children and invest in their spiritual education because they are our future. We are very thankful for all of the volunteer coordinators, teachers, and new curriculum.

Each rotation we have a new set of coordinators who serve many hours to help make the teachers and children experience excellent. We are lucky to have such dedicated volunteers who have a passion for the youth. The teachers in each Sunday school grade are devoted to helping every individual child in their class learn and grow spiritually. The teachers are very involved in making the Sunday school experience for the children interesting, educational, and a lot of fun! We have also are appreciative of what our preschool had done to the classrooms to make them special.  

We have recently switched to a new curriculum. We are currently using a curriculum from a company called “Group” and the curriculum is named, “Buzz.” We absolutely love it! It is teacher-friendly and exciting for the children. Preschool through fifth grade are enjoying this new curriculum. Each grade has special activities, games and crafts that are age appropriate for their grade level. Each class also has a CD with their memory verses on them. The children have a great time singing along while they learn their Bible verses.It has been fun to see each class have different special parties to celebrate good behavior, memory of scripture, and working as a team. This has really added to the unity of the children’s ministry.

One awesome highlight of this new curriculum is the take-home family devotionals. Each child receives a small packet containing thirteen cards. Each card provides a short, interactive family devotional that coincides with the Bible lesson from the previous Sunday school lesson. At the OC Church of Christ we highly value our regular family times where we are learning about the Bible together. We want our children to know how amazing God is and how powerful He is when we seek him. These weekly family devotionals that supplement the Sunday curriculum allow families to have this connection to each other and be involved in what their children are learning. We love the children’s ministry!

KM 6.20.2012

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Special Missions Contribution

Almost There

On June 10th we took up our Special Missions Contribution for the churches in Mexico and Central America and the church planting in Tucson, Arizona. We needed to collect $329,500.00 in order to meet all of the needs; $275,000 for the churches in Mexico and Central America, $18,000 for the Tucson, Arizona church planting and $36,500 for our weekly contribution. As of Sunday June 17th we have collected $292,500. I would like to thank everyone who sacrificed so much for our brothers and sisters in Latin America and for those that will become disciples through your generous sacrifice. We are close to meeting our goal and the needs. The Elders and I have set aside Sunday, July 15th as a day when we will give anything above our weekly contribution towards completing our Special Missions Contribution. I feel it is important for us to meet these needs. The difference between our current contribution of $292,500 and our $329,500 goal would be the salary of one ministry couple for a year. This is critical when in some cities they have one ministry couple for 400 disciples. Thanks again for all of the faith and love that so many of you have shown not just this year, but year after year, as we hold out the word of life to people all over the world.