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This page is dedicated to the community service projects sponsored by our congregation.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Increasing the Odds

HOPE worldwide Southern California is on a mission to increase the odds for children permanently placed in foster care: Increasing The Odds of adoption into a stable, loving family. Increasing The Odds of graduation. Increasing The Odds of a bright future.

The statistics are disturbing, to say the least. For example, 25% of former foster children have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder – six times the rate among U.S. war veterans (Center for Social Law & Policy. Financing Reform: How Can We Help Youth Aging Out of Care? National Association of Counties Task Force on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care. 2007.) Read more here.

Nearly 500 children in Los Angeles County Foster Care system need an adoptive family or permanent connection because they will not be reunited with their biological family or relatives. The longer these children remain in the foster care system, the greater the odds that they become part of these negative statistics.

We have teamed up with Freddie Mac Foundation (Wednesday’s Child program), Department of Children & Family Services and Los Angeles Church of Christ to increase exposure of the plight of youth in need of permanent, loving homes and to inspire individuals and families to explore opportunities to become adoptive parents. We also are working together with the same organizations as well as other foster agencies and community groups to serve youth with the greatest needs – those who are in danger of aging out of the system without a connection to a caring adult.

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