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Mexico City Church: University City Mission

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Mexico City Church: University City Mission

UNAM Aerial

Note: This is a report from Victor Nava, campus ministry leader in Mexico City

We are grateful that this year the Mexico City Church restarted the campus ministry at the National University (UNAM.) We believe that God has great plans for the youth of our nation (Ecclesiastes 12:1), because many people forge their beliefs, convictions, life philosophy, etc., during their college years

We are grateful to the Los Angeles Church of Christ for helping us financially and spiritually to rebuild this campus ministry. UNAM is the largest university in Latin America, with around 250, 000 students.

We started this mission with 20 church members in December of 2012, holding two morning and two afternoon Bible study groups on campus. This year we’ve had four major events:

  • A leadership training retreat in January.
  • An evangelistic campaign in February, titled “Valiente” (Bold), with 60 visitors.
  • A friendship-building Student Mini- Olympics in April
  • A car-wash in May to help fund-raising for our church’s Special Contribution.
  • Four baptisms: Edgar, Itzel, Dalia and Tania!

We are inspired by the the testimonials of the young people who have been baptized. Edgar Cortes had visited the church a year ago when his sister got baptized. She eventually decided to leave the church, but Edgar, who was initially very apathetic about Christianity, later on started to search on his own. He showed up at church one Sunday, met some of the college disciples, began to study the Bible, and he was baptized a month later!

Tania is an education major. One of her high school friends, who had become a disciple of Jesus, ran into her at the university and invited her to church. Tania wanted to be right with God, but she was afraid of the commitment of discipleship. But as she studied the Bible, she gained more faith. She had to break up with a boyfriend, but in May she got baptized. And, very soon, her parents will also get baptized!

Bible Talk at UNAM

Bible Talk at UNAM

Our new brother Edgar Cortes

Our new brother Edgar Cortes

Tania getting baptized

Tania getting baptized

Please keep us in your prayers as we try to bring glory to God and honor him with much spiritual fruit…

Victor Nava, UNAM Mission Leader (Mexico City)

Southwestern Mexico Family of Churches

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The Southwest Mexico Family of Churches

In just a few weeks, the members of the Orange County Church will be collecting the annual Special Missions Contribution. As part of this effort, $275,000 will be allocated to support our sister churches in Mexico and Central America. Today we want to share great news from one of the ministry groups that benefit from our financial and spiritual support: the Southwestern Mexico family of churches.

SW Mexico Map

The 10 churches in the Southwest Family of Churches

The Southwestern Mexico family of churches includes eight regions of the Mexico City Church plus nine other churches in the country. The congregational groups range in membership from 18 (Acapulco) to 315 (Narvarte), for a total membership of almost 2100 disciples. Some of the churches are led by full-time ministers and some are led by volunteer ministry leaders. Mario and Angelica Espinosa oversee the whole group.

The group slogan is: “A Great Family Seeking to Serve a Loving Father”

SW Mexico Leaders

Ministry Leaders of the Churches

Good News:

  • As of April of 2013, over 60 people have been baptized this year.
  • A new HOPE worldwide medical clinic was inaugurated in Mexico City.
  • The campus ministry at the National University of Mexico was launched with an evangelistic conference that brought over 100 visitors.
  • Virtual devotionals are held every month by webconferencing to encourage and help the leaders of the various ministry groups, most of whom are not financially able to travel.
  • The Singles ministry in Mexico City organized a retreat near the Teotihuacan pyramids: over 250 single disciples attended.

Challenges and Dreams:

  • Planning to have our first summer camp for teens and pre-teens of the Mexico City Church.
  • Hosting the 12th National Conference for Single Disciples.
  • Praying for a location and finances to host a Conference for all the churches in Mexico in October. It has been five years since the whole Mexico City Church (3,800 members) has been able to have a full congregational meeting.
  • Praying for explosive growth in our campus ministries.
  • Praying to be able to identify and train future elders.
  • For contact information, please visit our MCA Missions website, MCA Missions.

Brothers and sisters, let’s remember that our missions contribution helps these churches evangelize their respective cities. Let’s continue to pray for the disciples in Mexico!

MCA Update

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OC Reaches Missions Goal!

Since the year 2000, the Orange County Church of Christ has partnered with churches in Latin America to ensure that people in the rest of the continent have the opportunity to receive the Word of God. The church here has donated millions of dollars toward that mission field, and this year was no exception. As announced a few weeks ago by evangelist Kevin Mains, this year the Orange County Church of Christ has raised $275,000 to support churches in Mexico and Central America!

As President of MCA Missions, which is in charge of distributing funds, I want to thank each and every member of the OC Church for your generosity. I am very aware of the sacrifices that many of you had to make this year, especially during a difficult time in our economy. You have chosen to store up treasures in heaven, not on earth (Matthew 6:19-21). Please believe with all your heart that your gift will be blessed by God. On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Mexico and Central America, thank you!

Exciting things that have happened this year

  • The brothers and sisters in Honduras welcomed the newest addition to the family: the planting of a church in the city of Comayagua!
  • The church in Guadalajara (Mexico) celebrated the appointment of Francisco and Angelica Botello as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader, respectively!
  • Led by Marcelo and Maria Gema Carcamo from San Salvador, the campus ministry in Central America is experiencing a great revival, with Bible Talks in major universities and many students being baptized and trained to impact the next generation!
  • In spite of the wave of violence that has struck fear in the hearts of citizens of many cities in Northern Mexico, the churches there continue to preach the gospel boldly and to make disciples.

We still face major challenges, but the churches in the region are praying and preparing to meet the needs. One of our greatest challenges is to build a powerful campus ministry at the National University of Mexico (UNAM). This huge campus that instructs tens of thousands of young men and women was the main mission field when the Mexico City Church was planted in 1987; however, due to lack of resources this ministry has decreased in its impact. Thanks to the missions contributions of the Orange County Church and of other ministries in the larger fellowship of the Los Angeles International Church of Christ, we hope to be able to hire a full-time ministry couple to re-launch this very important ministry at UNAM!

You can visit us at The Mission Diaries for more news and testimonials. Thanks for your partnership in the gospel of Christ!



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Separating Fact from Fiction

A Responsible Approach to the Book of Revelation

Revelation is the last book of the New Testament and for centuries it has been perhaps the most controversial book in the Bible. The book has been interpreted and reinterpreted from numerous perspectives. The most widely held idea, popularized by the “Left Behind” novels and movies, is that the Book of Revelation is about the events that will happen at the end of the world when Jesus returns. This is called Futurism. Most people are unaware that this was not the traditional interpretation of the Catholic or the Protestant Church. Would you like to know how this idea, and others, came into being?

As disciples of Christ, we should always strive to approach Bible study in a responsible manner. On Sunday June 24, Dr. Jaime De Anda will begin a series of studies on the Book of Revelation. The series will begin with a survey of the various systems of interpretation and their respective origins. We will then study the historical background of the book and the symbology used by its author. As we go through each chapter we will be careful to ask: What did this mean to the original audience, the Christians in the Roman province of Asia during the late First Century? In this manner we will avoid many of the anachronisms that plague the Futurist and other interpretations. Hopefully, from our study we will be able to extract principles that we can apply to our Christian life in contemporary society.

The study series begins on June 24, 2012 at the Orange County Church of Christ (10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA 92618) Classes will go from 7:00- 8:00 PM and continue to meet for 8 weeks (with the exception of July 8). Admission is free. Come and join us!

Easter Sunday Services

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Easter Sunday Services

You will love our Easter Sunday Worship Services.

We are breaking with our normal routine of 8:45 and 11 AM and having these worship services.

7 AM Sunrise Service at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point

  • This informal gathering will be on the grassy hillside at Salt Creek Beach.  With the beautiful ocean as a backdrop you will sing songs, enjoy the fellowship and hear an inspiring message from the Bible.
  • Here is the location:  Salt Creek Beach

10 AM Easter Worship at 10 Goodyear

  • This inspiring worship will be held at our facility in Irvine. Inspiring music, warm fellowship and an inspiring message from the Bible will leave you excited about your faith.
  • Here is the location: 10 Goodyear

If you have any questions, contact us.

Happy Easter!

Worship in Ontario on Sunday

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This Sunday there will be no worship services at our building at 10 Goodyear in Irvine.

Our group will be traveling to Ontario to join with an all-LA worship that promises to be very special.

Here are the details.

What:  An all-LA congregational worship with over 6000 in attendance.  This will be an inspiring and uplifting time to worship the Lord, enjoy some great fellowship and learn from the Scriptures.

Time:  2 PM

Note:  There is a $10 per car parking charge

Place:  Citizens Bank Arena
4000 East Ontario Parkway
Ontario, CA 91764

Citizens Bank Arena

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