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Honduras HOPE Brigade

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Honduras HOPE Brigade
by Nirvana Mireles

hope2In January 2014 I had the opportunity to attend a medical brigade with Hope Worldwide in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I was skeptical about my abilities to help since I don’t have any sort of medical background, but I was ready to be used. Hope provides medical care for our brothers and sisters in San Pedro Sula, and the surrounding communities, free of charge as well as vitamins and medication. While being there I was amazed by the compassionate and giving hearts of the doctors as they attended cases that were extremely difficult and heart breaking at times. The church was so grateful for every single helping hand there was, I was humbled by their appreciation. I saw people’s hearts move and change in the course of four days, including my own. I’ve never felt so grateful for our church family and for the blessings God has given me. It was an incredible experience seeing first hand how donations are being used across the world to help change people’s lives. The brigade isn’t solely focused on meeting medical needs but also on encouraging and strengthening our brothers and sisters in Christ. I think this was the most rewarding part of it all, not just serving those in need but being able to serve our spiritual family in the midst of their hardships.

Time in India

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My Time in India
by Jiah Park

Park 1Over winter break of 2013, I was able to take part in Hope Youth Corps at a place I’ve only read about or seen on television, Chennai India. Hope Youth Corps participants, consisting of 120 brothers and sisters from all over the world, served at the Hope School for children of tsunami survivors, an AIDS home for orphans and women, and a leprosy colony. It was my first time serving in a developing part of the world, and it was an eye opening time stepping out of my bubble into a world of isolation and poverty.

Park 2Our first stop was the Hope School. The volunteers and I took part in building benches, planting trees, painting murals, and more for the school. We went to the school until Christmas Eve, which then we hosted a Christmas carnival for the children. The children were so bright and joyful that it was such an enjoyable time for us to be at the school. However, perhaps because of the children’s joyous exuberance or because of my oblivion, I did not realize the extent of poverty these kids lived in. Many of the children that attend the school live in houses made of dirt and large leaves. These make shift structures as big as a small bedroom, housed whole families. Although I personally did not get to go, many participants were also able to visit the children’s houses. To my surprise, they explained that the children and parents were not only happy to have the participants come over to their abode, but were very proud of the handmade houses. In fact, one family urged the participants to take pictures as they beamed with pride in showing off their dwellings. With this story, I felt so convicted and reflected in my gratitude for what God has given me. What does it take for me to be happy and content?

Best Christmas Play Ever!

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Best Christmas Play Ever!

IMG_6477Please come watch the play!!! Your heart will be moved!! It is amazing! They have invested alot of time into making it great.

Saturday Night, December 14
Church Service at 5pm
Play at 6:30pm

Sunday Morning, December 15
Church Service at 10 AM
Play at 2 PM

“The Best Christmas Play Ever” is the funny and heartwarming story of the Herdmans, the meanest, most vile kids on the planet who bully their way into the local church Christmas play and learn about the story of Jesus’s birth for the very first time. Everyone thinks the play is destined to be a disaster, and some, in fact, will do whatever is necessary to prevent the performance from happening, but there’s more to the infamous Herdmans than meets the eye. Their fresh take ends up being an important reminder for both adults and children that the story of Christ’s coming is not to be seen as bland and uninteresting, but rather miraculous and wonderful!

Worship in Long Beach Sunday, November 10

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No Services in OC on November 10

NOTICE:  There will be no worship services in Orange County on Sunday, November 10.  There will not be a worship in Irvine or Fullerton.  Instead, the church will be worshiping at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach at 10 AM.  The address of the Convention Center is 300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90802.  Please make note of it!

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Youth and Family Conference Report

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Youth and Family Conference Report

YFConferenceThe New York City Church of Christ hosted “A City On A Hill,” the 2013 International Conference for Youth & Family Ministry (ICYFM). It was September 13-14 in Brooklyn, New York. The Conference was followed by an inspirational Worship Service on Sunday, September 15, entitled “Light of the World”. Over 5000 people came together to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the NYC Church of Christ.
If you would like to listen to some of the lessons on-line, please click this link: ICYFM Messages

It was a great time of teaching about how to help our youth be connected to Christ and to their families. I’m so grateful for the lessons we can learn – especially when they are shared from the perspective experience. I know I make so many mistakes as a mom, it is encouraging to hear children share about the things their parents did that helped them fall in love with God (a big part being able to see their parents model the behavior of making mistakes, being humble and apologizing).

Guatemala Trip

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Guatemala Trip


(Note: this article was written by Sonya Leddy.  She was a part of the HOPE Brigade in Guatemala this summer. She shares about her experience in this blog post.)

My experience in Guatemala this summer exemplified the words “It is far better to give than to receive.” It was set in motion as I joined over 50 volunteers ready to give at this 3-day medical brigade. We quickly joined forces as a team of doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, teachers, students and translators all with one mission – to care for the extreme poor and those in most need. It was evident after the first day of serving that our bodies were exhausted but our hearts were fulfilled & satisfied from the work that was done.

Guatemala2Each day our team assembled with joyful, giving hearts to painstakingly administer medical and dental care, count thousands of multi-vitamins and pain relievers, fill desperately needed prescription medication and entertain the precious children. Hundreds were served daily at no cost, prescription and reading glasses provided free of charge, and three months of multi-vitamins distributed to every man, woman and child seen. Words cannot do justice to the impact and blessing brought to this community from the donations and sacrifices made from the churches across the US. It was truly an inspiring testimony of God’s love for the poor.

Guatemala3The children’s program, in which I served, bubbled with smart & creative kids. They played games, had their faces painted, made bracelets and customized their very own T-shirts. It was a pleasure to watch their faces light up as they proudly embellished their shirts with rhinestones and glitter, or colored their names artistically written in bubble letters. One mom requested that ‘God loves you.’ be written in English on her baby son’s t-shirt. While this mother was grateful for the t-shirt, I was much more grateful for her faith as a mother despite her circumstance.

Guatemala5While countless moments like this moved my heart, as I expected. One moment stood out. During a brief conversation with a brother from the Guatemala church I mentioned how my faith has been challenged in recent years. I experienced the loss of my 4 year-old, son to a tragic accident, and my 35 year-old, sister to an aggressive cancer. He said tenderly, “You were called to have passion for all, not just a few.” Wow!


Guatemala6My heart has been humbled and my passion transformed. I have not stopped thinking of Guatemala since I’ve left. My husband says I’ve found my calling. I believe him. When you volunteer with Hope Worldwide your mission is to bring hope and change lives. YOU return with a greater hope and a changed life. It IS, far more better to give than to receive.