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Family Devotionals 2

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Family Devotionals 2

Family devotionals are a very important part of building faith in our family.  They help parents and children alike!

Today’s Family Devotional Video features Ernie Basulto, a member of our church in Irvine, sharing ideas about what has helped his family in doing their devotionals. As our children go through different chapters in their lives they face new and different issues and challenges.  This video will help you ground your family in the word of God instead of just letting life happen as it comes.  We hope that you will find this episode encouraging, motivating and inspiring!

To view all of the family devotional videos you can visit our Family Devotionals Page. Enjoy!

– Mitch Gonzalez

Ernie Basulto

Family Devotionals

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Family Devotionals

Family devotionals can become a very important part of building faith in our family.  They help parents and children alike!

Today we are excited to  introduce to you a new series of Family Devotional Videos.  Each of these short videos features someone different sharing ideas about what has helped them in doing their family devotionals. As our children go through different chapters in their lives they face new and different issues and challenges.  These videos will help you ground your family in the word of God instead of just letting life happen as it comes.  We hope that you will find these videos encouraging, motivating and inspiring!

Each week there will be a new one posted.  Dan Roditi shares in the first video.  Future videos will be posted here. Enjoy!

– Mitch Gonzalez

Dan Roditi

Seoul Update

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South Korea – Our New Mission Partner

Seoul Map

by Jaeho Park

The Seoul Church of Christ in Korea was planted in June 1989, right before the Los Angeles Church was started. The Korean mission team was comprised of 15 disciples who were sent out by the San Francisco Church of Christ, as well as churches in Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, Boston and Providence. I, too, was one of the mission team members sent out from Providence Church of Christ and truly honored to have been a part of this team.

Currently, there are about 460 disciples in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, and five other churches in the major cities of Busan (60 disciples), Daegu (40 disciples), Bundang (170 disciples), Ilsan (110 disciples) and Daejeon (4 disciples). Altogether, there are about 840 disciples in Korea.
In January 2014, the churches in Korea expressed their desire to have a deeper fellowship as partners in the mission, as well as requesting for spiritual guidance and help from the Orange County Church of Christ
As the only church in the US that has a Korean Ministry, we believe that this partnership will not only be beneficial to the churches in Korea, but also serve as a stepping-stone in reaching out to many more Koreans who are spread out all over the world.

Please pray for the churches in Korea, our new mission partner, as well as their mission work. It is our hope that Orange County’s good news will overflow and spread to our partner churches in Korea, and that we would also hear of all the great things God is doing in Korea.

HOPE Nicaragua

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Our Family’s HOPE Trip to Nicaragua

4.19.14 PhotoHola Hermanos y Hermanas!

For several years I have been dreaming of going to Latin America to serve on a CSB (medical brigade). I finally got the opportunity last week to serve in Managua, Nicaragua. It is so hard to express in just a few words what it was like. Not only did God bless me with this dream come true but he gave me a bonus by sending my husband and two teens as well. The people of Nicaragua are the most loving, kind, and generous I have ever met in my life. From the moment we arrived till the moment we left they poured out there hearts to us all. I really did not want to leave and my kids were really sad when they woke up after the brigade was over and wished there was another day to go out and be with the people (despite the 3 large earthquakes and hot conditions)….It just goes to show love conquers all. Jesus was present every corner we turned. Thank you Nicaragua for your out pouring of love… The Gasparians will be back!

– Jen Gasparian

Orange County Church 2014 Missions Contribution

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Orange County Church 2014 Missions Contribution

Since the year 2000 the Orange County Church of Christ has been a major contributor to mission work in Latin America. Our members have generously donated hundreds of thousands of dollars so that our brothers and sisters in Latin America can continue to spread the gospel to their people. This year the OC Church has a goal to raise over $235,000 for mission work in Mexico and Central America. We are excited about the great experiences and testimonies of some of the brothers and sisters who recently volunteered in the HOPE worldwide Community Service Brigade to Guatemala City. We hope to continue building stronger and deeper connections with the churches we support.

The money donated for mission work is managed by our partner organization, Mexico and Central America Missions. At times people ask us how it all works: missions donations, operations, distribution of funds. Please go to this page to read an informational article about how MCA Missions operates and how the present budget is structured.


Guatemala 2014

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Guatemala Community Service Brigade 2014

IMG_1383Wow! I cant believe that I have served on 5 medical mission brigades in Guatemala with Hope Worldwide. When I and the more than 50 US volunteers arrived on that 1st day I recognized many brothers and sisters from the Guatemalan church whom I had spent time with on the previous brigade. They welcomed me as a sister whom they loved.

In the brigade the brothers and sisters from the US and from Guatemala served the Guatemalan disciples, families and friends and the Hope Worldwide School and itʼs families. I was encouraged to see everyone engaged and giving of our God given talents. The medical volunteers and non medical volunteers mending bodies and touching souls. So many of the people we served hugged me, kissed me and blessed me for my services. I was humbled to see their gratitude for a bag of vitamins, used glucometers, over the counter medication or a simple prescription medication. All donations from the US, donated from our abundance.

On the first day of the brigade a sister from Guatemala asked me “Why do you come back?” I was not able to answer that day but at Sunday worship as we praised and gave glory to our GOD the answer came to me: This is my family, Godʼs people, the fellowship of believers. I come back because I love my family in Guatemala. I come back to share the gifts and talents that God has given me.

Acts 2:44 – 47 “all the believers were together and had every thing in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their home and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” In the three days that we served in Guatemala we lived this out. My experiences, my opportunities, my talents and skills are all gifts from God so that I can better serve His people – my family – Guatemala

by Monica Martinez

IMG_1401This past February my daughter, Breanna, and I had the opportunity to return to Guatemala with the HOPE Medical Brigade for our third year. We traveled with a large team of medical professionals from all over the states and were able to serve hundreds of people. There are also a lot of us that are non-medical and that are able to serve in many other capacities as well. My daughter was able to assist with the various children’s programs and also support a nurse. I served in the Flouride station which teaches people how to brush their teeth and administer fluoride treatments.

The brigades are amazing as we have the opportunity to help heal people and the opportunity to share Godʼs love with so many. It’s so incredible and humbling to be able to see the joy on peoplesʼ faces when they receive items that we easily take for granted such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. I was surprised to find out that in such a poor country toothpaste is three times the cost in comparison to the US. There are so many people with illnesses and diseases that go untreated because of the degree of poverty in Guatemala so these brigades can mean the difference between life and death for so many. The brigades also provide 6 months supply of vitamins for everyone that comes in addition to medications, thanks to the donations of friends and family.

IMG_1402Each trip has been so special for Breanna and I. The people of Guatemala are so incredibly loving. I am always convicted by their gracious hearts and patience. We always return with our hearts filled with so much joy and love. My daughter has been so impacted by these trips that she has even decided to become a nurse so that she can continue to serve in this capacity. I definitely encourage families to join a brigade like this. It really is a life changing and unforgettable experience.

by Priscilla Policar