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The Dependable Dozen

Written by bob on . Posted in Marriage, Spiritual Growth

OK.  Here they are…hot off the press–the Dependable Dozen of what works in a marriage.  Thanks to the Youth and Family Ministry for their help in putting these together.  Use them and watch your marriage grow! They are in no particular order. We came up with these after a great public reading of Ephesians 5:21-33 by Kimberly and Jay.

  • Listen to your spouse.  That means not talking and not interrupting while your partner is talking.  It is amazing how much better conversations and conflicts in your marriage go when you observe this simple rule.  It’s not easy, especially when you feel misrepresented and misunderstood.
  • Communicate about schedules.  Pretty simple, huh?  But how often  do married couples not communicate about the week’s business–who needs to be where, who is going to give rides, who needs to get paid what, etc., etc., etc. Talking through these things on a weekly basis will do amazing things for your relationship.
  • Express Your Feelings.  Instead of showing anger, share your feelings. Make sure if you do have a positive feeling toward your spouse that you go out of your way to express it. Communicating on a feeling basis will draw you closer and help avoid bitterness.