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Young Married Devo

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We are SO excited to announce the first “Marriage Devotional” hosted by the Young Marrieds Ministry!

Whether you’re engaged or have been married for a little while (0-3 1/2yrs), marriage is an amazing blessing but also has its challenges.
We want to provide events that will help us all continue to grow and enjoy this journey together!

Please join us at 5:30pm on May 19th @ the OC church building!

Our very own OC Central Ministry leaders, Steve and Charley Stevenson will be our guest speakers to start us off! Check back for additional updates and info! Really hope you all can make it! Can’t wait for an amazing night!

**child care will not be provided, so please make prior arrangements.**

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Orange County 2017

2017 has definitely been a time of great challenge for all of us here in Orange County.  The sudden loss of our dear brother, Kevin Mains, reminded all of us of how brief our life is here on this earth and that eternal life with God is why we do what we do in God’s family.  We are so grateful that Kevin was such a great example of faith and love to the very end – what a great legacy he has left us all!

When Daniel desperately needed God’s guidance and direction, we read:

So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting…” – Daniel 9:3

After much fasting and prayer, and in consultation with so many of the members of the OC Church; the elders, evangelists, and ministry staff would like to provide this update on how we will be organized moving forward…

3 Geographical Ministries

The Orange County Church will be organized into 3 Geographical Ministries called North OC, Mid-County OC, and South OC.  The Coastline ministry will be fully planted in mid-2018.

Our vision is that each of these geographic ministries will have a Family and Teen Ministry, a Singles Ministry, and a Campus Ministry.  The North and Mid-County Ministries will begin immediately with all of these ministries while the South Ministry will not immediately have a Campus Ministry, but with a vision to start one at Saddleback College.

OC Ministry Full-Time Staff

The Orange County Church of Christ is led by a team of elders and evangelists, along with their wives, the rest of the OC full-time staff and an amazing group of volunteer leaders. Among this team of elders and evangelists, we have designated two senior roles to help guide the overall vision and direction of the OC Church.

Senior Roles

Jaeho and Misook Park will serve in a senior role as full-time Elder and Women’s Ministry Leader and will provide shepherding, administrative training and leadership for the church, in addition to leading the International Ministry.  Jaeho and Misook have led growing ministries in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as in Korea.

Bruce and Robin Williams will serve as Senior Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader and their primary responsibility will be to train the full-time staff in ministry and evangelism. They come with 45 years of full-time ministry experience, having successfully led churches in South Florida, San Diego, Chicago, Orange County, and Los Angeles and raised up many couples into the full-time ministry.


We are very blessed to have Dave Eskew and Jaeho Park serve as Elders as they shepherd the flock here in Orange County.  Along with their wives, Deb and Misook, they have served in these roles since 2011.

Full-Time Staff Leadership for the Geographic Ministries

South OC

The South OC ministry will be shepherded by Dave and Deb Eskew and led by Dan and Candice Roditi.  Dave and Deb have done a wonderful job leading the Youth & Family Ministry, helping many families be strengthened spiritually.  Dan and Candice have faithfully led in the campus, teen, singles, marrieds and Latin ministries of OC.  The Roditi’s and Eskew’s will work together in leading the South Family Ministry.  Mary Mains will lead and oversee the women in the South Single’s Ministry, serve as Regional Coordinator for our Kingdom Kids Ministry, and be the Administrator for the Shining Stars Preschool.  The Teen Ministry will be led by an amazing volunteer couple, Scott & Kelly McIntosh, who will work closely with the Eskew’s.  The South OC worship service will be at the Irvine building at 9am on Sundays.

Mid-County OC

The Mid-County OC ministry will be shepherded by Jaeho and Misook Park and led by Steve and Charley Stevenson.  Jaeho and Misook have done a fantastic job leading the International Ministries over the last few years.  Steve and Charley have led ministries in Houston, Long Beach, New Jersey, and Virginia and we are thankful to have them just recently join us here in Orange County.  Also in the Mid-County OC ministry, we are blessed to have Ryan and Virginia Weekley who have led both the teen and campus ministries here in OC over the last few years.  They will now be leading the South OC Campus ministry (UCI & IVC) and the Mid-County Teen Ministry.  There will be 2 part-time campus interns assisting them in the campus work.  The International Ministry will continue to be led by Jaeho and Misook.  The Mid-County OC worship service will be at the Irvine building at 11am on Sundays.

North OC

The North OC ministry will continue to be overseen by Bruce and Robin WilliamsMarcel and Karina Hall will be in training to lead the North Family Ministry.  Marcel and Karina have led campus and teen ministries in LA and the teen ministry here in OC.   The Campus Ministry (CS Fullerton & Fullerton College) will be led by two gifted volunteer couples – Sam & Kari Anderson and Gabe & Nirvana Stroebel.  They will have 2 part-time campus interns assisting them.  The Latin Ministry will have a sermon preached in Spanish on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall.  The Latino Family Ministry will be led by a great volunteer couple – Hector & Jasmine Perez. The Singles will be led by awesome volunteers in Steven Morales and Shannon Wollenburg, who will be guided and assisted by Chris & Gina Galassi.  The North OC worship service will continue to be in Anaheim at 4pm on Sundays.

Specialized Ministry Regional Coordinators

We will have Singles, Campus and Teen Ministry coordinators for the whole OC Church.  Steve & Charley Stevenson will serve as Singles Coordinators, Ryan and Virginia Weekley will serve as Campus Coordinators, and Marcel & Karina will serve as Teen Ministry Coordinators.  In addition, the Kids Kingdom Coordinator will be Mary Mains.  These coordinators will facilitate any regional activities for each of these ministries.

We realize that because of this new staff configuration and areas of responsibility, we will be more reliant on self-supported (volunteer) “staff” than ever before.  We are very grateful that we have been blessed over the years with a tremendous volunteer staff in administration and shepherding and we are faithful that God will work powerfully through our new volunteer staff to lead many of our other numerous ministries as well.

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Hot Summer for the OC Teen Ministry! 

This summer has been an exciting time for the Teen Ministry.  With less than a month left for most students before they return to school, we recap some of the highlights of the 2017 summer.

Summer began in June with the LA Congregational Teen Summer Kick-Off with hundreds of students gathering in Panorama City from the Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County areas to worship together, hear one of their peers preach the word of God, and enjoy great fellowship with one another.  That was only the beginning.

Rounding out the month of June, this year’s Teen Camp titled “Sabotage” was launched at a new location, the Murrieta Hot Springs Conference Center.  Leaving behind the cabins of Big Bear and entering the air conditioned lodges and luxurious hot springs, Teen Camp was more like Teen “Getaway” this year.  The beauty and refreshing atmosphere however, did nothing to undermine the incredible experience of Teen Camp.  Lessons addressed Satan’s attacks to sabotage God’s connection with us and his plans for our lives.  We also learned that we in turn can sabotage Satan’s plans and choose to have a relationship with God. Teens had an amazing opportunity to connect with God throughout the week during quiet times by the hot springs, daily discussion groups, a moving worship concert and more!

Our summer has continued with over ten teens and parents participating in the HOPE worldwide volunteer signature service program, HOPE Youth Corps.  Teens and families served communities throughout the world in Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago and Hungary.  A Junior at El Toro High School, Amanda Nakano recounts her time in Dallas, “HYC was an experience that softened my heart completely as I was shown God’s love through the new relationships and connections I was able to make.”  Mattias Franklin who served in Philadelphia concurs, “Youth Corps is life changing… You get closer to God, build relationships and serve with all you heart.” A two week volunteer service has created a lifetime of impact for those served and volunteers alike.

God has certainly used all these wonderful moments to draw our hearts near to him.  A number of teens have chosen to engage in personal Bible studies to further learn about God.  Last week we met at Inspiration Point to witness and celebrate Jayden Pinson’s decision to get baptized and make Jesus Lord of his life.  Several were moved to tears by the love and power of God so clearly displayed in his life.

Please continue to pray for God’s influence in our OC Teen Ministry this summer and throughout the year.

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Keys for Kids

Mornings can be hectic in our house. Getting ready, packing lunch, and eating breakfast. When everyone is in the kitchen area, I use the opportunity to open up my iPhone to a bookmark. Kid’s Daily Devotional (Powered by Key’s for Kids Ministry). New lesson updates daily.

I find that this is a great tool with a Bible Reading and a Short Story (a conversation between a parent, child or someone in their life). The story ties back to the scripture. A ‘How About You? section with questions. A Key Thought to take away. Overall it’s 5-10 minutes to start the day.

The first time I started these, my kids were busy doing their own thing and I didn’t get any response. It was discouraging but I continued each day. Whether they were listening or not, I would read it to them. Kids do listen. Slowly I get responses, sometimes they remind me that it is story time.

Today’s Lesson is 1 Corinthian 3:5-10 (Paul plants, Apollos waters but God makes it grow). The story title “The Silent Witness”. The kids went to a pizza place. Later they learned that they had an impact on a man they didn’t even notice. The man visited their pastor’s office. He said he
was annoyed at a large group of kids coming in but was impressed by their behavior, how polite and patience they were with the servers. As he was leaving he saw their church info on the van. That night he thought about how he used to go to church as a kid and he couldn’t stop thinking about God. By their actions, the kids watered the man’s heart.

The Key Thought : Share Jesus through words and action.

Check it out, read it to your children or bookmark it so they can read it for their quiet times.


Thanha Laipple